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What is Contemporary Architecture?  On this one we start with the word Contemporary which basically means 'current'.   This can often refer to architecture that was conceived using principles of the 'post modern' era.

The following link demonstrates the difference between post-modern (contemporary) and mid-century modern architecture most appropriately: Houzz.com

Although modern design is often associated with that which looks futuristic and advanced, the irony is that 'modern' architecture was most prominent in the 20's to 50's in North America. Contemporary Architecture gained it's popularity largely in the 60's and 70's and later.

For our purposes, we are inspired by many influences, but, making the home fit today's lifestyles is what makes it contemporary.

Our Mission is Simple:

Modern or Contemporary at an affordable price


Just because it looks expensive, doesn't mean that it is! We take pride in delivering extreme value through innovative attitudes and time honored practises. We use our buying power and pass along the savings to you - the homeowner. Our business model employs a simple 'cost plus' or 'flat fee' service which puts the client in the driver's seat. Call or email for a free consultation.

High Quality

We are continually reviewing our processes to find inefficiencies that can be improved upon. We start by never saying 'no', but, asking 'why not?'. We strive to provide the latest in technology to manage our processes and to provide each home owner with the most advanced options available in every home.


Our Mission

Modern versus Contemporary

The most exacting standard are adhered to throughout the build process. We start with a superb design, draft it by the best in the industry, and build it far beyond code minimums. A state of the art construction management software keeps us within budget and on time - every time.

Cutting-edge, leading-edge, progressive, contemporary, modern,  or whatever you want to call it, we aim to achieve a look that makes you pause and appreciate the architecture. It's your home, so we want it to be unique - don't you?

Why Buy a BauHaus Home

Examples of Frank Lloyd Wright's work:  The Fallingwater, Mill Run House and the The Robie House on the University of Chicago campus


Worry-free construction process with every detail we ever hoped to have at our fingertips. Had we known how easy building could be we would have done it sooner. Excellent service from beginning to end. And the design is fantastic!


What is Modern Architecture?  This is a very difficult question to concisely define in under 5,000 words. For this reason, we have compiled a series of links that should satisfy most cravings for clarity.  This style often refers to design concepts conceived in the 1880 to the 1950's, and are reminiscent of the progressive European movements including Bauhaus or Americanized most notably by Frank Lloyd Wright.

At Bauhaus Homes, we see modern as 'style simplified' - lacking ornamentation - putting function far ahead of form, often with multiple purposes, but, in a manner that is rarely used and outstanding in it's simplicity.


Wiki Definition of Modern Architecture

eHow Definition of Modern Architecture



Respect is number one for BauHaus Homes. We know that your time is valuable so we go to extreme lengths to ensure that we never waste any of it. We walk you through each step of the process and are there for you for years after you move into your new home - guaranteed.

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What is Modern Architecture?  What is Contemporary?