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Established Finesse 


For the power couple who has life in the palm of their hands. Lots of open spaces for cocktail parties with a loft for more intimate gatherings as well. Soothe your inner foodie. Obvious modern influences...

Spacious & Soothing 


Though it's located in the heart of downtown, this condo feels a world apart from the bustle of the city. With three bedrooms, it's great for a family. Contemporary yet mid century modern principles...



  • Trumpeter Ridge
  • McClure - Lower Mission
  • Gyro - Lower Mission
  • Westpoint  
  • West Kelowna
  • Crawford
  • Sheerwater

Our clients successfully navigate through the world of form versus function avoiding the roadblocks created by vision and budget to meet their contemporary needs. They often chose to place more importance on aesthetics in order to create what they desire; and, we believe it shouldn't break the bank.

Bauhaus Homes is proud to offer extensive solutions to the ever-pressing dilemma - utility or aesthetics?  Minimalism never looked so good.

 [bou-hous]adjective: of or pertaining to the concepts, ideas, or styles developed at the Bauhaus, characterized chiefly by an emphasis on functional design in architecture and the applied arts. Kelowna, BC, Canada

  • Swimming Pools
  • Concrete Construction 
  • Exotic Woods 
  • Automation 
  • Smart Technologies
  • Premium fixtures 
  • Lake Views
  • Lake Front
  • Acres
  • Premium appliances
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Solar - Net Zero Home




Modern or not, the home is one of our most personal belongings. We sleep, eat, and live in it for more than 60% of our time.  Bauhaus believes that it should please both the utilitarian and aesthetic sides of your soul.

We have a large database of 'draft' and existing plans to help you chose the look and layout that best suits your family.  Or, if you have something in mind, we are happy to sit down and work it from concept to completion.

Love where you live...



1.the theory of design that the form of a thing should be determined by its use, 2. any doctrine that stresses utility or purpose, 3. psychology;  a system of thought based on the premise that all mental processes derive from their usefulness to the organism in adapting to the 



One of the reasons we founded Bauhaus Homes was to fill a gap in the marketplace. Modern or Contemporary does not have to cost millions. In fact, we specialize in delivering high quality and forward-thinking designs for under one million dollars. Solutions including lot start at $799,000 +GST, with many options in the $800-$999K range.

FYI: Modern concepts were often meant to provide cost effective solutions. For instances, the average shed sloped roof is cheaper then it's gabled counterpart.